The Caerus Strength trainer is a ‘go anywhere’ fitness system that uses your body as the anchor. Our system gives you endless ways to train from any setting and is appropriate for most fitness levels.
We provide online programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced training levels, to get you started and keep you going. Please take advantage of our 30-day free trial.
Your vest can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with light detergent and hung to dry.
Our system is true to size; however, your vest should have a snug fit. We would recommend getting the same size you would wear in a snug fitting t-shirt.
We are based in Cape Coral, Florida, and manufactured in but not limited to, Vietnam and Philippines.
Yes absolutely! The system is lightweight and compact, the vest conveniently fits into your luggage, making it the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re in a hotel room, at a beach, or exploring the great outdoors, the Caerus Strength System transforms any location into your personal gym.
Unlike bulky fitness equipment, you can store your system practically anywhere, folded up placed in a drawer or hanging in the closet. Say goodbye to equipment taking up your space at home.
We appreciate your interest in partnering with us! Please click the link and we will contact you directly to discuss options: https://www.caerusstrength.com/contact-us/
We offer bulk order pricing to accommodate fitness centers, corporate wellness, etc. Please click the link below and we will contact you directly to discuss options.
The vest weighs just 1.2lbs, all bands combined weigh 1.15lbs, straps including grips weigh 1.1 lbs. Each system includes 4 bags weighing 2.5lbs each. The system weighs approximately 13.5lbs when packed all together.
You certainly can! The system includes 4 x 2.5lb bags adding 10lbs of weight to the vest. Alternatively, you may purchase additional sets. You may combine 2 bags in each of the 4 zippered pockets, increasing the total weight of the vest up to 20lbs.
You can customize your workout experience however you seem fit. You can adjust the resistance by using stronger bands or even doubling them up. The different lengths of bands allow you to workout different muscle groups. You can even use our system in addition to current weight training exercises, i.e. bench presses, squats, pushups, etc.
The resistance bands are built to last, however they may need to be replaced over time and can be purchased here anytime.
Yes, additional bands may be purchased at any time. Each system will include:
  • 2 Caerus Handles
  • 2 Caerus Thigh Straps
  • 2 Caerus Foot Straps
  • 4 Caerus Weighted Bags – 2.5lb
  • 2 Caerus 8-inch bands – 15lb
  • 2 Caerus 8-inch bands – 25lb
  • 2 Caerus 10-inch bands – 15lb
  • 2 Caerus 10-inch bands – 25lb
  • 2 Caerus 18-inch bands – 30lb
  • 2 Caerus 18-inch bands – 50lb
Our system works for almost everyone. We recommend you discuss this option with your physician or therapist prior to use.
The foot and leg straps are one size fits most. Youth sizes are also available.
Our system can absolutely be used in conjunction with your current workout routine. The added resistance will increase the intensity of each workout to get you the results you are looking for in less time.
The Caerus Strength trainer is absolutely a go anywhere workout system. We advise using caution when biking, to ensure resistance bands are attached to the bottom outside of the vest as well as the outside of the shoe strap to avoid any potential risk of getting caught in the bike pedals.
It is not required; however, you may find it more comfortable to wear a shirt underneath to avoid potential rubbing of bands or fabric from the vest.
Your vest itself is covered with a 1-year warranty. The bands may need to be replaced over time and can be purchased here at any time.

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