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Caerus Strength Trainer SYSTEM (Base Model)

MSRP $549.99 plus tax

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The Caerus Strength Trainer is designed to be used anywhere. By using your body as the anchor, strength and cardio training are now accessible at home, at work, or on the go. No need to make time for the gym!

What’s Included

Size Chart For Female
XS13 7/8″21″20 3/8″40 1/4″34 1/2″15 1/4″
S14 1/4″21 1/2″20 7/8″41 3/4″36″15 3/4″
M14 5/8″22″21 3/8″43 1/4″37 1/2″16 1/4″
L15″22 1/2″21 7/8″44 3/4″39″16 3/4″
XL15 3/8″23″22 3/8″46 1/4″40 1/2″17 1/4″
2XL15 3/4″23 1/2″22 7/8″47 3/4″42″17 3/4″
3XL16 1/8″24″23 3/8″49 1/4″43 1/2″18 1/4“″
4XL16 1/2″24 1/2″23 7/8″49 3/4″44″18 1/2″
Size Chart For Male
XS14 5/8″19 1/4″41″16″
S1519 3/4″41 3/4″16 1/4″
M15 3/4″20 1/4″44 1/8″16 3/4″
L16 1/2″20 3/4″46 1/2″17 1/4″
XL17 1/4″21 1/4″48 7/8″17 3/4″
2XL18″21 3/4″51 1/4″18 1/4″
3XL18 3/4″22 1/4″53 5/8″18 3/4″
4XL19 1/2″22 3/4″56″19 1/4″
Extended Warranty ($79.99) Additional 12 Months Warranty
  • This offers additional 12 Months Warranty on top of 12 Months Regular Warranty.$79.99
  • Complete replacement of vest and accessories if broken down with normal wear and tear. The extended warranty will also offer 3 sets bands (6 total Bands) at any weight and length.
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At Home

This game-changing innovation in fitness technology is designed to maximize your workout routine like never before. It uniquely incorporates resistance bands in a sleek, self-contained design, making it the perfect tool for strength training, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned fitness enthusiast. Its simplicity of use, combined with its advanced functionality, allows for an easily adaptable, full-body workout from the comfort of your own home. With this vest, you can improve your strength, enhance your flexibility, and optimize your endurance, all while fitting your fitness routine seamlessly into your daily schedule. Transform your living room, your backyard, or any space into your own personal gym, with our strength training vest. Gear up and get ready to redefine your fitness journey today!


Crafted with built-in resistance bands, this self-contained, easy-to-use fitness gear ensures you never miss a workout, no matter where your travels take you. Lightweight and compact, the vest conveniently fits into your luggage, making it the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re in a hotel room, at a beach, or exploring the great outdoors, this vest transforms any location into your personal gym. Now you can maintain and improve your strength, boost your endurance, and stay fit while on the go. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional gym workouts and embrace the freedom of fitness with our revolutionary strength training vest. Your journey to strength and fitness is no longer tied to a place, it’s wherever you decide to be.

At The Gym

Welcome to a new frontier in fitness solutions, specifically tailored for gym owners seeking to enhance their facility offerings – our revolutionary Caerus Strength training vest. This cutting-edge product combines the efficacy of resistance bands within an intuitive, self-contained design, setting a new standard in strength training equipment. This easy-to-use vest allows for gym-goers of all levels to enjoy a comprehensive, full-body workout, opening up a wealth of possibilities for personalized training programs. Its compact and convenient design reduces the need for large, cumbersome equipment, providing a versatile solution for space optimization in your gym. By introducing our strength training vest, you are not only diversifying your gym’s workout inventory but also offering a unique, efficient workout tool that helps your clients achieve their fitness goals. Witness your gym’s transformative journey with our strength training vest, as you step into the future of fitness today!

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